Tax Consulting

Through the insight and intimate understanding gained from years of practice, we can support you with unique strategies that will transform your business.

One of the biggest challenges in the world today is managing taxes matters. USiBTS is here to help. We assist you in operating your taxes in the order that best aligns with your overall business or personal objectives. Our tax consultation service covers all areas of individual or corporate taxation. USiBTS globally supports our clients by offering practical and personalized services to provide you and your enterprise with the best tax advise and strategies. We take your needs very seriously.

How can USiBTS help you?

Consult with us before making any significant business decisions or life-changing events, including:

  • Immigration to the U.S.
  • U.S. expatriation
  • Settling in a new country as a U.S. citizen
  • Buying or selling real estate in the U.S or foreign countries
  • Divorce
  • Gifts from foreign persons or family members
  • Buying or selling interest in foreign companies
  • Opening or closing accounts in foreign financial institutions
  • International tax amnesty program consulting and preparation
  • First-Time Penalty Abatement
  • Advice on IRS letter or notice
  • Closing and dissolution of C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnership, and LLCs

We help you make smarter tax decisions.

Over the years, our tax experts have rendered five-star tax solutions to individuals and businesses. Efficiently manage your taxes and minimize liabilities with us. Partner with us today.

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Our Clients Reviews

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International tax client


USiBTS is the best. Not only did they help me make sound decisions, but they also followed up with me to ensure I didn’t make any other mistakes! I highly recommend them for any tax needs and financial advice. They are too good!




We were experiencing problems with our overall tax system and was on a thin line, but fortunately, we found USiBTS, which not only swooped in to save the day but resolved it quite quickly.




USiBTS handle all my personal and firm issues. After delivering me from a nightmare of complicated tax problems, everything so far has been easy. They are fast, direct, customer-oriented, and the easiest-going company I’ve ever partnered with. Kudos!



I don’t know how to thank USiBTS enough. My business would have been history if they hadn’t shown up for me. In only 24 hours, they analyzed my past tax history and put together a detailed plan, even if it was short-noticed. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.