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USiBTS: Tax Resolution Specialists based in Carlsbad, CA

At USiBTS, we specialize in guiding individuals and businesses through the complexities of tax-related challenges. Located in the heart of Carlsbad, California, our team of CPA and EA professionals is adept at handling IRS audits and resolving tax liabilities.

With a strong focus on efficiency and client satisfaction, we're committed to resolving your IRS issues in the shortest time possible, ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned money.

How USiBTS  Can Help You with Tax Relief?

  • Unfiled Tax Returns: Assistance in filing overdue tax returns and navigating associated consequences.
  • Extension Request: Guidance in obtaining IRS extensions for tax payments, with a focus on minimizing penalties.
  • Penalty Abatement: Assistance in reducing or eliminating penalties for late filing or payment of taxes.
  • Installment Agreement: For those needing time to pay off tax bills, we arrange manageable IRS and California FTB payment plans.
  • Tax Audit Representation: Expert representation in IRS or California income tax audits to defend your interests.
  • Offer in Compromise: Our tax resolution specialists negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to settle debts for less than the full amount, considering your unique financial circumstances.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: Assistance in relieving Carlsbad, Encinitas, and San Diego residents from tax liabilities caused by a spouse or ex-spouse.
  • Currently Not Collectible Status: For those unable to pay back taxes, we assist in obtaining CNC status, delaying IRS collection actions temporarily.

Why Choose USiBTS?

Our Carlsbad-based team is passionate about providing personalized tax solutions. We understand the unique challenges faced by our clients in Carlsbad and across California. By partnering with us, you gain more than just a tax resolution service; you gain a dedicated ally in securing your financial freedom. Embrace a brighter financial future with USiBTS, your trusted tax resolution specialists in Carlsbad and San Diego, California.

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Our Clients Reviews

International tax client


USiBTS is the best. Not only did they help me make sound decisions, but they also followed up with me to ensure I didn’t make any other mistakes! I highly recommend them for any tax needs and financial advice. They are too good!




We were experiencing problems with our overall tax system and was on a thin line, but fortunately, we found USiBTS, which not only swooped in to save the day but resolved it quite quickly.




USiBTS handle all my personal and firm issues. After delivering me from a nightmare of complicated tax problems, everything so far has been easy. They are fast, direct, customer-oriented, and the easiest-going company I’ve ever partnered with. Kudos!



I don’t know how to thank USiBTS enough. My business would have been history if they hadn’t shown up for me. In only 24 hours, they analyzed my past tax history and put together a detailed plan, even if it was short-noticed. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.